Welcome to my Website!

I’ve always wanted a website. My own little pocket of cyberspace. Virtual real estate, they call it. Now that I have one, I have no clue what to do with it…

I’m not sure what you’re here for. You probably saw one of my business cards that I take with me to look fancy. Or you saw a blog post that I published recently (I type more than I talk). Or maybe you like my voice and think I could possibly share a bit of my brain with your group?

What’s your reason for visiting me?

Whatever you’re here for, I hope that this website is informative and easy to use. They say your website should reflect your personal brand — something that people will remember you by. I hope that my long hours making my virtual home look attractive paid off. I keep it updated regularly to prevent stale content. My goal is to give you a multi-faceted glimpse of who I am and my place in the world — wherever that may be. 🙂

Happy Navigating!

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