A Bit of an Adjustment


Give me a second to get acclimated to this new reality. It’s not as easy as it looks.

You see, this is my first blog post on my personal website. I made the decision one Thursday evening to axe my old blogging site, the Sapiocracy, and consolidate all of my activity to my personal website here. Why is this so hard? Believe it or not, the Sapiocracy was my baby. That site was actually older than this one. I wanted to create a blog where my subscribers could respond to my fact-based opinions on issues in our societal, political and economic environments and exchange their thoughts with others in a Socratic-style platform. A political junkie like me loves debate and compromise.

Alas, I fell short of that dream. My posts weren’t regular enough and I found it a bit inconvenient to manage several platforms at one time (started to get expensive!). Therefore, the Sapiocracy will see it’s last day this weekend.

However, I am very excited about the potential behind moving my activities to my personal website! Hopefully, I can use this to gain more traffic and invoke some real discussions on current events. So I’ll need your help.

  1. SUBSCRIBE. A business is only as strong as the number of customers that buy from it and a school is only as successful as the students that attend it. In this case, my blog is only as strong as the subscribers which make up its audience. Sign up for email alerts on my posts and be the first to read them!
  2. PARTICIPATE. I appreciate your willingness to take the aforementioned step and take up a little time to read my posts. That means the world to me. However, it would be even more awesome if you participated in the discussion. I absolutely love reading people’s posts and diving into conversations about pressing issues.
  3. VERIFY. Although I open my blog for anyone to participate, I do stress that all participants use authentic and verifiable sources when making claims. Stick with mainstream news sources and authoritative references when citing something. I’m not one to limit the freedom of speech, but I will definitely limit the spread of false information whenever and wherever I possibly can.

While I’m excited about this new journey, I’m even more excited that you’re going with me! Let the conversation begin!



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