Warrin’ For Warren

Around this time of year, my primary focus should be on planning summer vacations with my significant other and dog, figuring out what my next career move will be, or simply arranging things to make my life generally better. But I’m having a hard time doing any of that without being distracted by the cacophony that seems to be coming from my own political party during this contentious General Election year.

So, as always, I sit back, take in the sounds, and think.

The commotion and tangential complexity that comes with the Democratic primaries is enough to drive anyone who is politically conscious up a (border) wall. But just before I began to go mad, I heard a voice through the chaos that spoke to me with such power and passion, that everything else seemed to fade away.

It was a woman’s voice….her name was Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Warren. Illustrations by Jules Julien; Tony Cenicola/The New York Times
Illustration by Jules Julien; Tony Cenicola/The New York Times

Bottom line: I am proudly endorsing Elizabeth Warren for President of the United States.

Here’s why.

Her Message is Clear

You see, Elizabeth brings something to the table that the other candidates do not. Not just the masterful wit that is needed to take on Trump on the debate stage, but the clear-cut and no nonsense policies that’s needed to move America forward. Her political gospel has been preached so much, that people all over the country should be able to repeat it verbatim: place a wealth tax on the top one-tenth of the richest one percent of wealthy Americans to generate $50 billion to fund our HBCUs, provide free Pre-Kindergarten, cancel student loan debt for the majority of Americans and offer publicly funded healthcare for those without coverage.

I mean, you’ve heard this at least a thousand times this month, right?

But that’s what I like about Elizabeth. She has a message and she sticks to it. She embodies what it means to identify a problem and develop solutions to fix the problem. Her message is clear and targets extremely important points in our society.

She’s the Adult in the Room

So far, there have been ten debates since the beginning of the campaign cycle. Candidates have come and gone. Booker. Harris. Castro. Yang. Delaney. O’Rourke. Gillibrand. They, among many others, have faded away into the mist. But when they were on the debate stage, they threw punches left and right. These punches were often self-destructive and sometimes landed into thin air — leaving many of the candidates falling on their faces. But not Elizabeth. Every punch, when she threw them, was precise and hit the gut. When she didn’t throw them, she carefully shepherded her colleagues back to the point and even came to Senator Klobuchar’s defense a few times when the men began to attack. She was poised, elegant and radiated an aura of presidency when confronted with a question and transformed into a mighty lioness when attacked by a colleague.

Her personal mantra should be “be who you need to be.”

The Right People Are Afraid of Her

She is Wall Street and corporate billionaires’ worst nightmare. I should stop there because there isn’t much more that needs to be said.

But I’ll continue…

When the United States decided to ride into battle against corruption caused by big banks, financial magnates and corporate tycoons, President Obama may have been holding the chariot’s reins, but Elizabeth was on board shooting the arrows. Her ferociousness in the Senate and tough attitude towards Wall Street eventually led to the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau which was created to protect Americans from predatory practices by banks and other financial institutions. I’d be willing to bet my hat that the one thing standing between us and another housing bubble is the brainchild of — yes, that’s right — Elizabeth Warren.

She’s in the Left Goldilocks Zone

Not too hot, not too cold right? She isn’t Bernie Sanders and she definitely isn’t Joe Biden. She’s just left of what we’re used to and right of what we want to avoid. And from what I can tell on the debate stage, that’s exactly where we need to be.

See, Bernie Bros are looking for a revolution. Often times, I heard Bernie’s justification for his version of universal health care as other countries around the world are doing it. But what they fail to remember is that these other countries were, in many ways, built on that type of socialist system. Changing a system is more than just opening up the Treasury to fund everything under the sun. It’s a change in a way of life — something that will take generations to accomplish. We need an electable candidate for now that will gradually lead us back into an era of sound politics and international respectability.

As for the Joe Bros, moderate liberalism isn’t going to work anymore. I’m not one for polarized politics, but Biden’s virtue as a former vice president and longtime senator doesn’t automatically make him the best candidate for the job. One’s connection to a former president often makes people think about the “good ol’ days.” Don’t front, Democrats. We thought the same thing back in 2008 and 2016 with Hillary.

Let’s nominate someone because we know they will be our best nominee and not just default to a coronation.

She’s A Woman

The reasons above pale in comparison to the full list of why I believe Elizabeth is the best candidate to become the Democratic nominee. She’s fierce, she knows her stuff, she’s very articulate, and most of all — she’s a woman. In the over 265 years the United States was even a thing, we have yet to elect one woman to the highest office in the land. Almost every other country in the world — from the most advanced to the least developing — has had at least one woman break the glass ceiling. Women have been presidents, chancellors, prime ministers, and even monarchs. But for some reason, we Americans can’t even muster up the sense to make a woman vice president, let alone commander-in-chief. Forty-four administrations controlled by White men and only one by a Black man just within the last decade. We as a nation have got to do better to empower women and show that they too, can run a country.

In summation…

Your opinions are your own. Do with them as you wish. I’m just blessed enough to have my own website to publish mine for the world to see. However, it would be an affront to my character if I did not urge each of my subscribers to do the right thing and vote for this remarkable woman. I have confidence that Senator Warren has what we need to bring America back on its feet and become a leader once again. She may not have all of the answers, but let’s join with her to solve those issues together…as one nation.


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